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Project History

The first i-Map project was launched in 2002 to coincide with Tate Modern’s Matisse Picasso exhibition. It was created in response to the limited availability of resources that enabled visually impaired people to engage with two dimensional, abstract works of art. As an online project, i-Map enabled people to study the art independently. It was also designed to work either in conjunction with a gallery visit or at a distance. With its innovative use of animation and raised image technology it received widespread praise and was awarded an Interactive BAFTA Award for Accessibility later that year. It was also commended at the Visionary Design Awards of 2002 and the Jodi Mattes Award 2003. We hope that this new i-Map project continues to be a useful tool for visually impaired people and would welcome comments and suggestions.

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iMap: Matisse Picasso

The original project, which focuses on four pairs of works by Matisse and Picasso, is also available for you to explore.

Henri Matisse, The Snail, 1953


Winner of the 2006 Jodi Award for excellence in museum, library and archive web accessibility.

Jodi Awards 2006


We are extremely grateful for the generous donations of Tate Members which enabled this version of i-Map to be produced.

i-Map was designed and produced by Dan Porter and written and devised by Caro Howell. The audio used in the project was recorded at the RNIB Talking Books studios and was narrated by Crispin Bonham Carter with additional readings by Emma Hyman.

In 2012 the website was redesigned and relaunched by Mark Hume.