Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance

Nonrepetitive  April 2011

Achim Wollscheid

Achim Wollscheid is a multi-media artist, writer and teacher whose work over the past twenty years has been at the forefront of experimental music. 

This sound artwork seeks to examine how the internet, as a site for interaction, dissolves convention, with regard to the shape, boundary, structure and location of media. 

Through the graphical interface the user/participant can influence the parameters of a sound data generator, effecting things like sound colour, density and complexity. The impact of the change can be seen on the interface by other users visiting at the same time, in another place and they may also mutually interfere through the interface, in order to change the generation of sound. 

Follow the yellow link to the right in order to explore the artwork. Update 29 May 2012: This project is now closed.

"I see artworks as a direct means of communication, a function which connects, separates, differentiates etc. Meaning the artwork is not an object, which is (re)presented, but something that creates presence between people (actors, participants)."

Achim Wollscheid 2011