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Foursome  May 2007

Christof Migone

Detail from Foursome (or Blind Drawings by Four Choreographers), 2007 Christof Migone with Tammy Forsythe, Dana Gingras, k.g. Guttman, and Marie-Claude Poulin © The Artists 2007

A four-part Radio Art series by Christof Migone, in which the artist invites four choreographers to translate Samuel Beckett's wordless movement piece Quad.

Each of the four episodes is 30 minutes long. In the first episode, Migone takes five minutes to introduce the work and each of the narrators, slowly the work develops - falling apart and cutting together. In succession, each of the three episodes that follow, expands upon and breaks down its predecessor.

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Broadcast in conjunction with London’s Art Radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM

Migone often makes audio pieces from the body’s mistakes, foregrounding incidental matter and visceral debris. For this work, Migone articulates in sound, the four choreographers’ actions as they perform various attempts to...

... describe in words as they watch the piece and then from memory, moving in space and on the page, circling around a microphone and then the microphone circling around them. The empty centre which is avoided at all costs in Quad is here embodied by a piece which surrounds another without ever taking hold of it. Foursome is a disorienting, disordered, and disarticulated narrative where interpretation is foregrounded. A quadraphonic quadrangle where voices, paces, and noises are intertwined to concoct a radio portrait of a most un-radiogenic work. Each episode will trace its unique trajectory, always meandering and provisional.   

 Christof Migone

The four choreographers are: Tammy Forsythe, Dana Gingras, k.g. Guttman and Marie-Claude Poulin. The material was recorded in April 2007 at The Pines in Montréal, and assembled at the artist’s home.

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