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Beryl Graham  

Dr Beryl Graham Currently a Research Fellow at the University of Sunderland, is an arts worker and educator with a special interest in new media art, a PhD concerning "A Study of Audience Relationships with Interactive Computer-Based Visual Artworks in Gallery Settings, through Observation, Art Practice, and Curation." She has an arts practice background in photography and video, ranging from interactive media installations to low-tech games.

In 2000 she received an AHRB grant to set up a New Media Curating Resource (CRUMB). In January-May 2002, Dr. Graham was 'researcher in residence' at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, examining their cross-departmental approach to curating new media art. Professional work over 15 years has included curating the Serious Games exhibition of international interactive artwork, and co-editing the CRUMB web site - a resource for curators of new media art. Having lived and worked worked in the UK and North America, Beryl Graham has lectured internationally, including the Banff Centre for the Arts, and the Slade School of Art, London. Writing credits include a book for Heinemann, chapters for Routledge, and articles in Art Monthly.

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