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Heath Bunting   

Best known for his involvement in the formation of the movement in the 1990s, Heath Bunting is an artist whose work straddles various modes of action, documentation and visualisation. His practice may be viewed in alignment with the tendencies of historical movements such as Conceptual Art or the Situationist International. Breaking down the division between art and everyday life, Bunting prioritises information and action. Often performing as an interventionist or prankster and finding form within every day acts of resistance, Bunting's work reaches its public through systems of documentation and distribution including photography, print publishing and the web.

Bunting has been commissioned and exhibited at a range of venues including The InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo; Apex Art, New York; The New Museum, New York, Tate, London; The Banff Centre, Canada; Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield; Art Teleporticia, Moscow; The Arts Council England; Proboscis, London; The Watershed, Bristol and DA2, London, amongst others.

Heath Bunting's website

A Terrorist - The Status Project

Heath Bunting maps the relationships evident between recent legislation, commerce and systems of control as part of his ongoing Status Project.

BorderXing Guide

This work by Heath Bunting comments on the way in which movement between borders is restricted by governments and associated bureaucracies. View documentation of his 12 month journey across Europe.