Learning at Tate Britain

The Millbank Project: Clore Studio
The Millbank Project: Clore Centre, Lower Level
Taylor Digital Studio

Learning Studios

The new Clore Studio is located at the north end of Tate Britain, just beyond the galleries themselves. Full-height glazing, long hidden, has now been exposed to give good natural lighting to the studio and a view onto John Islip Street. The studio is fully equipped for a range of art-making activities, including workshops, courses, lessons and talks for schools, young people and adults. In the south-west of the building, the new Learning Gallery provides a space for seminars, discussion groups and the display of work created through Tate’s Learning programme.

Taylor Digital Studio and Clore Centre

The new Taylor Digital Studio is located next to the Manton Foyer and close to the Linbury Galleries. State-of-the-art digital equipment allows visitors to explore Tate’s online resources and carry out research. The network of existing vaulted spaces which support the Millbank steps has been opened up to provide a dedicated reception, lunch room and support facilities for the thousands of school children who visit Tate Britain each year. The landscape adjacent to the Millbank steps has been lowered to allow this space to be entered directly via a dedicated schools’ entrance.

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