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    Paul Nash, 'Equivalents for the Megaliths' 1935
    Paul Nash

    Until 5 March 2017

    Featuring a lifetime’s work from his earliest drawings through to his iconic Second World War paintings, this exhibition, made possible with Patron’s support, reveals Nash’s importance to British modern art.

  • Tate Britain
    Turner prize talk

    18 November 2016 18.30–21.00

    ​Join Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain, and artists nominated for this year’s Turner Prize.

  • Robert Rauschenberg

    This exhibition, staged with the generous support of Tate Patrons, is the first major show of Robert Rauschenberg’s work in the UK for 35 years and the first retrospective of the artist since his death in 2008.

  • Works in focus
    Story of a Masterpiece: Paul Nash: Totes Meer

    Paul Nash’s painting Totes Meer, German for ‘dead sea’, was inspired by a graveyard for wrecked aircraft at Cowley in Oxfordshire. Journalist Simon Grant visits the site to learn more about the work.

  • Interview
    Hearing from our supporters

    Dr Martin Kenig, Patron and Legacy supporter of Tate, talks to us about his relationship to the gallery

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