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Susan Calman on queer role models, art and progress

To coincide with Queer British Art 1861–1967, the Scottish comedian discusses why the gay rights movement is still so important ...


Five Stories of Queer Artists

As the first exhibition dedicated to queer British art comes to Tate Britain, we tell five important queer stories


A Queer Little History of Art: Composition in Yellow, Black and White

Discover a queer reading of art history through Marlow Moss's Composition in Yellow, Black and White

Artists In the Collection


Claude Cahun


Simeon Solomon


Lubaina Himid

born 1954

Art In The Collection



Queer Lives: Channel 4 Random Acts

Watch six films, each providing glimpses into the lived experience of six individuals


Meet the artist: Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta on Mr Malhotra’s Party


Tateshots: Marlene Dumas on Great Men

 Marlene Dumas reveals the choices and techniques behind her Great Men series


TateShots: Barbara Hammer

An acclaimed pioneer of queer cinema, Hammer's films openly address lesbian life and sexuality

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Tate Collectives: Showcase

Create a portfolio, share your work and be inspired by others

The Black Flamingo Zine

View a selection of writing and art submissions exploring identity, especially that of LGBT+ and BAME individuals

Tate Kids: My Gallery

Show the world your artwork


Can art change society?

Can art influence the way we think and act as individuals, and as a society? How do artists make and ...

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The bar with a voice of its own

Wu Tsang’s film Wildness is a portrait of the Silver Platter, a bar on the eastside of Los Angeles ...

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The men-women of the Pacific

During the research for his novel The Way to Paradise, which interweaves the life of Gauguin with that of his ...

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‘New Ways of Modern Bohemia’: Edward Burra in London, Paris, Marseilles and Harlem

Learn how the cosmopolitan entertainment culture of the interwar years impacted on the work of Edward Burra

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‘You’re so sheer, you’re so chic, teenage rebel of the week’

In the early 1970s, when T Rex, David Bowie and Roxy Music appeared on stage in wild costumes and with ...