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How to start a movement

Passionate about a cause? Want to make a difference? Get mobilised with gal-dem's steps to starting your own movement


Five things to know: Amedeo Modigliani

Meet the Italian artist whose iconic portraits captured the face of early twentieth century Paris


Music of Black Power

Tune in to songs about black empowerment chosen by Darcus Beese, President, Island Records

Artists In the Collection


Howard Kanovitz


James Ensor


Art In The Collection



Remembering Princess Zeid

We travel to Jordan to meet Fahrelnissa Zeid’s family and friends, and better understand the artist’s inspirations

Talking Point

Queer Lives: Channel 4 Random Acts

Watch six films, each providing glimpses into the lived experience of six individuals


Janet Cardiff

Cardiff is a Canadian artist who works chiefly with sound and sound installations; especially a form she calls audio walks


Judy Chicago

An acclaimed pioneer of queer cinema, Hammer's films openly address lesbian life and sexuality

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Tate Collectives: Showcase

Create a portfolio, share your work and be inspired by others

The Black Flamingo Zine

View a selection of writing and art submissions exploring identity, especially that of LGBT+ and BAME individuals

Tate Kids: My Gallery

Show the world your artwork

Talking Point

Can art change society?

Can art influence the way we think and act as individuals, and as a society? How do artists make and ...

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Tate Etc

The Painter Princess

Learn out the life of Fahrelnissa Zeid – an aristocrat, princess and ground-breaking artist


When Alberto Giacometti met Samuel Beckett

Explore the friendship between the artist and playwright and discover the impact they had on one another’s work


Waiting for Tear Gas 1999–2000 by Allan Sekula

This In Focus considers the work as a radical form of portraiture and of street photography


From the Freud Museum 1991–6 by Susan Hiller

Psychoanalytic ideas, ethnographic display and the artist’s free associations between physical remains, personal memories and historical events shape this in-depth ...