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  • Context : Highlights of the Tate collection

    A selection assembled by Tate curators to give you a flavour of the collection

  • Subject : World War I

    Many artists across Europe experienced the First World War at close hand

  • Artist : Lynn Chadwick

    2014 is the centenary year for this key figure of mid-century modernism

  • Style or '-ism' : Surrealism

    One of the most influential of all twentieth-centuiry art movements unleashed dreams, nightmares and fantasies in visual form

  • Subject : Ghosts

    Spectres and phantoms crept their way into the art of the romantic era and have continued to lurk in the shadows of modern art

  • Style or '-ism' : Abstract Expressionism

    American painters grabbed the world's attention after the Second World War with big, bold canvases, once seen as the culmination of the Western painting tradition

  • Subject : Theatre

    Artists have always been fascinated by the world of the theatre, perhaps because the role of illusion and representation on the stage mirrors artistic practice

  • Subject : Bicycles

    The Tate collection contains bikes of all shapes and sizes

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  • About the Tate collection

    Our collection has grown enormously in size and scope since Henry Tate's founding gift to the nation in 1897

  • J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, Drawings and Watercolours

    Read about one of Britain’s great Romantic artists


    A collection of international contemporary, created through one of the most imaginative gifts ever made to museums in Britain

  • Art on Demand

    Order prints of artworks from Tate's collection and current exhibitions, sized, printed and framed to your specifications

  • The Camden Town Group in Context

    Explore the world of the Camden Town Group of artists in Edwardian Britain

  • Conservation

    How we care for the works in our collection

  • Plus Tate

    A Tate-led initiative to support the development of the visual arts across the UK, by sharing our collection and expertise with partner galleries around the country

  • Research projects

    Tate's expert staff pursue research into the art in our collection

  • Prints and Drawings Rooms, Tate Britain

    All visitors to Tate Britain are welcome to access prints, drawings and watercolours that are not on display elsewhere, at the Prints and Drawings Rooms