Action painters

Splashing, dripping and using gestural brushstrokes to apply paint onto canvas

Mixed media

Art made by combining different materials

Performance art

The body is the medium, the action or actions become the artwork


TateShots: Louise Bourgeois

 We take an intimate look at the life and work of Louise Bourgeois

TateShots: Marta Minujin

Be transported to Buenos Aires through the eyes of the artist

Make & Share

Play Street Art

Make your mark on Tate Modern with our new game

Tate Collectives: Showcase

Create a portfolio, share your work and be inspired 


Group together art from our collection, your notes and share it 

Tate Exchange

Get involved with art in new and unexpected ways in our open experiment

In Depth

Artists' Photographs

Glimpse artists’ lives and relationships, and what inspired them

Tate Etc.

The fascinating absurdity of sculpture

A conversation with Phyllida Barlow in her extraordinary studio

On Three Posters 2004 by Rabih Mroué

A study on the significance of the Lebanese artist's video



David Hockney

born 1937

Lorna Simpson

born 1960

Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher

1931-2007, 1934-2015

Kader Attia

born 1970

El Anatsui

born 1944

Art In The Collection

VALIE EXPORT Identity Transfer 2

1968, printed late 1990s

Marcel Duchamp Fountain

1917, replica 1964

Edgar Degas Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

1880-1, cast c.1922

Bridget Riley Nataraja