Walks of art Bonnie Greer on Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group

The writer and critic explores the friendships, work and designs behind this radical set of artists


Five things to know: Gordon Bennett

Meet one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists, whose bold and playful works explore the politics of identity

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Inside the home of collector David King

Discover how the world's largest Soviet art and design collection came to be

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Ghisha Koenig


John Akomfrah

born 1957

Roy Lichtenstein


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The Black Flamingo Zine

View a selection of writing and art submissions exploring identity, especially that of LGBT+ and BAME individuals

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How to start a movement

Passionate about a cause and want to make a difference? Get mobilised with nine steps to starting your own movement ...

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Explore From Tarzan to Rambo

Exploring how Sonia Boyce explores her own sense of self in relation to media images of blackness and whiteness in ...

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Art Parts

Use your human creativity to help the robots save the art!

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The Grid as a Checkpoint of Modernity

In Western art history the grid has been positioned as an emblem of modernism. In Russia, however, early constructivist artists ...

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Modigliani and 'La Poétesse Anglaise' by Chloe Aridjis

‘When I know your soul I will paint your eyes.’ Amedeo Modigliani, whose work is the subject of a ...

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Artist Interview Rebecca Warren: 'From the mess of experience'

In the run-up to Rebecca Warren's All That Heaven Allows, the inaugural exhibition for Tate St Ives' new gallery, Tate ...


Art and Pornography

Tread the line between creativity and sex as we explore what separates these two terms