The sound of Weimar Germany

Be transported back in time to the scene of Portraying a Nation through this Weimar Republic playlist


Antony Gormley on Alberto Giacometti

Catch up with Tate Modern director Frances Morris as she interviews artist Sir Antony Gormley


Five things to know: Rachel Whiteread

Meet the Turner Prize-winning artist who changed the way we think about sculpture

Artists In the Collection


Adolph Gottlieb


Art In The Collection


Talking Point

Queer Lives: Channel 4 Random Acts

Watch six films, each providing glimpses into the lived experience of six individuals


Sunil Gupta

Photographer Sunil Gupta talks about how his work in the dark room helped him deal with his HIV positive diagnosis


Meeting Lorraine by Zawe Ashton

Filmmaker and actress Zawe Ashton visits artist Lorraine O’Grady in New York City


Tehching Hsieh

In this short film we hear the story of how Taiwanese performance artist Tehching Hsieh's life as an illegal immigrant ...

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Tate Collectives: Showcase

Create a portfolio, share your work and be inspired by others

The Black Flamingo Zine

View a selection of writing and art submissions exploring identity, especially that of LGBT+ and BAME individuals

Tate Kids: My Gallery

Show the world your artwork

Talking Point

Can art change society?

Can art influence the way we think and act as individuals, and as a society? How do artists make and ...

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Tate Paper

‘A Wistful Dream of Far-Off Californian Glamour’: David Sylvester and the British View of American Art

This essay investigates Sylvester’s complex attitude towards American art

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Inspired by Giacometti

Artists Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler and Jac Leirner reveal how Alberto Giacometti has inspired their recent work

Tate Etc

Are We All Anxious Now?

The all-consuming world of social media has pushed many of us to new levels of anxiety. Add to that the ...

Tate Paper

The Fall of Anarchy: Politics and Anatomy in an Enigmatic Painting by J.M.W. Turner

This paper offers a new interpretation of the enigmatic painting, Death on a Pale Horse