The Art of Creativity

Is there a link between mental health and creativity? Do artists have to ‘suffer for their art’?

The Art of Memory

How can our past inspire us to create? We explore the role of memory in art

Where does inspiration come from?

Fly under the radar, explore creative spaces, and discover the importance of drawing a sheep

Where Does Time go?

Discover the making of The Clock and hear from a range of people sharing their experiences of time

Walks of art: Grace Dent on the YBAs and Shoreditch

The journalist journeys through East London to explore the artists who lived and worked there in the nineties

Walks of art: Dolly Alderton on Monet and the Thames

The writer and journalist wanders along the river and explores its hidden depths

Walks of art: Bonnie Greer on Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group

The writer and critic explores the friendships, work and designs behind this radical set of artists

Walks of art: Scottee on Francis Bacon and Soho

Discover the bars and members clubs which took artists such as Francis Bacon, from breakfast to bed

Walks of art: Emma Gannon on Barbara Hepworth and St Ives

Discover a place known for its pottery, boats, beaches and beatniks

Is there more to life modelling than posing nude?

Discover the confidence and creativity needed to undress in the name of art

How has London inspired French artists?

See the city’s creative spaces through French eyes, from streets and studios to parks and patisseries

The Art of Failure

What does it mean to fail, and how can it lead to success? We hear the human stories behind art ...

The Art of Dreaming

What can happen when we allow ourselves to dream? We explore the link between art and dreaming

The Art of Protest

How do art and protest meet? We explore acts of defiance with artists, poets and activists

The Art of Belonging

What does it mean to belong? Artists, writers and poets explore the human stories behind art and belonging

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