The Art of the Hustle

How do you balance personal expression and making a living?

William Blake
Newton (1795–c.1805)

Discover what it takes to make it in the arts today, inspired by generations of artists who have taken on commercial work to fund their passion projects. We take a practical look at the realities of earning a living as a young creative. Exploring the rise of slasher culture to ask how today’s artists balance priorities; from personal branding to self-care.

The podcast is presented by DJ and producer Martha Pazienti Caidan. Featuring Jide Adetunji and Ibrahim Kamara founders of GUAP video magazine, producer Gavin D, poet Teige Maddison, illustrator Sinead McGeechan, and artists Georgina Johnson and Ellie Pennick.

The Art of the Hustle is a Falling Tree production for Tate, produced by Hannah Dean and Alia Cassam, executive produced by Sam McGuire.

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