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Group of artists who practised a form of kinetic art using light and motion

Relational aesthetics

Term created by curator Nicholas Bourriaud in the 1990s to describe the tendency he noticed in fine art practice to make art based on, or inspired by, human relations and their social context


Engraving is a printmaking technique that involves making incisions into a metal plate which retain the ink and form the printed image


Surrealism was a movement which began in the 1920s of writers and artists (including Salvador Dalí and René Magritte), who experimented with ways of unleashing the subconscious


Bauhaus was a revolutionary school of art, architecture and design established by Walter Gropius at Weimar in Germany in 1919


Three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes: carving, modelling, casting, constructing

Fairy painting

Fairy painting is particularly associated with the Victorian period, art that depicts fairies and other subjects from the supernatural

Fin de Siècle

Fin de Siècle is a French phrase meaning 'end of century' and is applied specifically as a historical term to the end of the nineteenth century and even more specifically to decade of 1890s


Format is traditionally used to describe the shape or proportions of the support, for example the canvas, of a painting or other essentially flat work of art such as a relief

Stars group

Stars group were a short-lived avant-garde group of self-taught artists operating in Beijing between 1979 and 1983, staging outdoor exhibitions, street demonstrations and public readings


Expressionism refers to art in which the image of reality is distorted in order to make it expressive of the artist’s inner feelings or ideas


The term hyper-realism appeared in the early 1970s to describe a resurgence of particularly high fidelity realism in sculpture and painting at that time

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