The Art of Dreaming

What can happen when we allow ourselves to dream? We explore the link between art and dreaming

Photograph of Olafur Eliasson's The Weather Project in the Turbine Hall in 2003

Olafur Eliasson The Weather Project 2003
Installation view, Turbine Hall at Tate Modern
Photo: Tate Photography © Olafur Eliasson

In this episode we look at how art can encourage us to dream, and ask what is possible when we do. Hear artists, thinkers and a dancer and choreographer consider how art and dreaming meet. We float from balloons, have moments of contemplation in the gallery and wonder what it might be like to bounce on a giant Turkish delight.

Featuring Noëmi Lakmaier, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Akram Khan Sarah Wynne and Debora Wich.

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