The Art of Memory

How can our past inspire us to create? We explore the role of memory in art

Pierre Bonnard, ‘Nude in the Bath’ 1925
Pierre Bonnard
Nude in the Bath 1925

In this episode, we explore the role of memory in art. Pierre Bonnard relied on memory to create his paintings. This podcast asks how can our senses provoke memories and how can our past inspire us? We hear from contemporary artists, a stroke survivor, a neuroscientist and an author and poet.

Featuring Kayo Chingonyi, Constanza Dessain, Stuart Donaldson, Matthew Gale, Rosanna McLaughlin, Sylvia Rimat, Nick Turner and Rachel Williams.

A Boom Shakalaka Production for Tate, Produced by Eliza Lomas.

To discover how Bonnard used memory in his work, visit The C C Land Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory at Tate Modern, 23 January – 6 May 2019.​

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