Tate Modern Project: Community Project: Tate Modern and You

Sixteen black and white photographs of Lambeth and Southwark residentss

Tate Modern and You cover image for Winter 2011

Tate Modern and You is a publication that is regularly produced in partnership with a neighbourhood or section of the local community, in collaboration with an artist. It aims to make stronger links with different communities across Southwark and Lambeth. In past publications, artists have worked with local organisations such as the Blackfriars Settlement and Pembroke House. Often acting as a forum for local discussion, Tate Modern and You gets delivered to communities around the gallery and has been doing so for many years.

The Tate Modern Project 2014 edition

For the 2014 edition of Tate Modern and You, photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews will begin to capture some of the ...

The Tate Modern Project 2011 edition Autumn 2011

Artist Lucy Harrison works in partnership Pembroke House to create a local newsletter for Southwark

The Tate Modern Project 2010 edition 2010

Tate Modern and You: 2010 edition of the community newsletter

The Tate Modern Project 2009 edition

Tate Modern and You, 2009 community newsletter