Artist biography

Albert RICHARDS 1919–1945

Painter in oil and watercolour. Born 19 December 1919 in Liverpool. Studied at Wallesey School of Art 1934–9, then for three months at the R.C.A. before being called up in April 1940. Served in the Royal Engineers; his first picture was accepted by the War Artists' Advisory Committee in May 1941. Commissioned as Official War Artist December 1943. Dropped on D-Day as parachute artist with the 6th Airborne Division he took part in fighting, but later resumed painting when the military objective was achieved. Killed by an enemy mine on the Maas 5 March 1945. Memorial exhibition at the National Gallery 1945.

Published in:
Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, London 1964, II