Art & Language (Michael Baldwin, born 1945; Mel Ramsden, born 1944)


Film and audio


Art & Language: Conceptual art, mirrors and selfies

British artists Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden reflect on the beginnings of conceptual art group Art & Language


Art Term

Art & Language

Art & Language is a pioneering English conceptual art group founded in 1968, that questioned the critical assumptions of mainstream ...

Tate Paper

Curating by Numbers: Landmark Exhibitions Issue

This paper looks back at the author’s curatorial practice, with a focus on her ‘number shows’ and their randomly ...

Tate Etc

Polymath of our time: Per Kirkeby

To coincide with Tate Modern’s exhibition of paintings by the Danish artist, the career of Per Kirkeby is explored – from ...


Tate Papers no.1: Spring 2004

Tate Papers, Spring 2004 edition
Tate Paper

On Painting: Art & Language

This paper was presented by members of Art & Language (Michael Baldwin, Charles Harrison and Mel Ramsden) at Tate Modern ...

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