David Tremlett born 1945

Artist biography

English sculptor, installation artist and draughtsman. He grew up on his parents' farm in Cornwall and attended the Falmouth School of Art (1962–3), afterwards studying sculpture at the Birmingham College of Art (1963–6) and the Royal College of Art, London. He then travelled widely, his experience of different countries and cultures providing inspiration and material for his art. His approach was often similar to that of the exponents of land art, such as Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, showing an interest in temporally based, site-specific works. An early work, the Spring Recordings (1971), consist of many copies of an audio-cassette recording of natural sounds of the English countryside, heard on his walks, lined up in a row on minimal shelving along the wall of the gallery. Hungarian Gypsies (1972) combined photographs and text. Many of his works from 1980 comprise images drawn on the walls of museums, galleries, old churches and ruined buildings, a notable example being Working Inside (1989), in a church at Courmelois, Val de Vesle, France. Many of these works suggest emblematic forms and patterns of African or Aboriginal art, although their context also contributes to their meaning.

David Tremlett (exh. cat., London, Serpentine Gal., 1989)
David Tremlett: Working Inside Outside (exh. cat. by L. van den Abeele, Val de Vesle, Cent. Création Contemp., 1989)
David Tremlett: Selected Walls (exh. cat., St Priest, Cent. A. Contemp., 1990)
David Tremlett: Written Form (exh. cat. by M. Huys and D. von Dratelin, Brussels, Musées Royaux B.-A., 1990)
The Artspace Drawings (exh. cat., Auckland, Aspace, 1992)
David Tremlett: A Quiet Madness (exh. cat. by C. Ahrens and D. von Dratelin, Hannover, Kestner-Ges., 1992)
David Tremlett (exh. cat. by M. Meneguzzo and A. Commellato, Milan, Padiglione A. Contemp., 1993)

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