Francesco Clemente

born 1952

Francesco Clemente, 'Midnight Sun II' 1982
Midnight Sun II 1982
© Francesco Clemente
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Robert Mapplethorpe, 'Francesco Clemente' 1982
Robert Mapplethorpe
Francesco Clemente 1982
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Francesco Clemente (born in Naples March 23, 1952) is an Italian contemporary artist. His work is influenced by thinkers as diverse as Gregory Bateson, William Blake, Allen Ginsberg, and J Krishnamurti. Dividing his time between New York and Varanasi, India, Clemente has adopted for his paintings a vast variety of supports and mediums, exploring, discarding, and returning to oil paint, watercolor, pastel, and printmaking. His work develops in a non-linear mode, expanding and contracting in a fragmentary way, not defined by a style, but rather by his recording of the fluctuations of the self.

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