Artist biography


Landscape and scenery-painter. Said to have been born in Kent. Pupil of one ‘Hassel’, but first noticed as an imitator of Wootton's classical landscapes. Established topographical painter by 1730s, and in 1732 painted, in collaboration with Scott, a series of six views of Indian ports for the East India Company. Scenery painter at Lincoln's Inn Theatre in 1720s, and from 1732 at the Covent Garden Theatre. With Rich and Hogarth founder of the Beef Steak Club. Worked in pastels in 1740s. Exhibited SA 1761–4. Died London 30 or 31 January 1765, a few days after being elected first President of the newly incorporated Society of Artists.

EXHIBITIONS George Lambert 1700–1765, Kenwood 1970

Published in:
Elizabeth Einberg and Judy Egerton, The Age of Hogarth: British Painters Born 1675-1709, Tate Gallery Collections, II, London 1988