Artist biography

English painter, printmaker and collector. His preference was for emotionally charged figurative groupings in which the figures appeared embedded in the matrix of the picture. The often manic humour helped place Hodgkin in the climate of Pop art, although he was not directly associated with the movement. Hodgkin was always concerned to make the picture an object, and from 1970 he worked not on canvas but on assertive wooden supports, such as drawing boards or door frames.

Hodgkin's paintings are generally small in scale, consciously conceived within the tradition of European easel painting. He painted extremely slowly, sometimes taking up to four years or more on one work. During this process the clarity of the original imagery was often obscured, and the spectator was invited to decipher the finished image as a kind of riddle.

In the 1970s Hodgkin's work shifted from a collaged geometric flatness to a more complex fluid patterning. He applied a restricted range of simple shapes and marks to a variety of moods: lyrical and poetic, or openly erotic, as in Goodbye to the Bay of Naples (1980–82; priv. col., see 1984 exh. cat., p. 67), with a belly and penis in the foreground set into a frame representing repeated eruptions from Mount Vesuvius.

Hodgkin consistently stressed the self-sufficiency of the marks and formal structure of his work. The oblique and even mystificatory imagery, however, also entailed a defence of intimate values in expressing the most fugitive, human and vulnerable sensations.

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