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American painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, performance artist, stage designer and poet. In 1957 he married Nancy Minto and the following year they moved to New York. Dine's first involvement with the art world was in his Happenings of 1959–60.

Clothing and domestic objects featured prominently in Dine's paintings of the 1960s, with a range of favoured motifs. He was equally preoccupied with the elements of his own profession.

Dine's method involved repeating his theme again and again, often in several mediums. Through a process of exploration and reinvention the common image lost its place in the public domain and was stamped exclusively with the artist's signature, becoming his vehicle for communicating a range of emotional and aesthetic intentions.Thus, Dine has often been out-of-step with the major movements of the post-World War II period and must be considered a modern individualist.

Later in the 1960s and in the 1970s Dine consciously refined his draughtsmanship and painterly techniques, taking greater care and control to achieve a quieter, more romantic and sensual effect. In the 1980s he found increased confidence with greater emphasis on the grand gesture, yet a more sombre tone.

Dine is an unusually prolific artist, producing large numbers of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures of diverse scale, as well as illustrated books and stage design. He often visits printshops and foundries and has set up dozens of temporary studios in cities all over the USA and Europe in order to focus on special projects or to prepare exhibitions.

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