Rodney Graham

born 1949

Rodney Graham, 'Parsifal (1882 - 38,969,364,735)' 1990
Parsifal (1882 - 38,969,364,735) 1990
© Rodney Graham, courtesy Donald Young Gallery, Chicago
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Canadian artist Rodney Graham is often associated with the Vancouver School group of artists and their ‘post-photography’ conceptual practice.

Tate Paper

Resistance to Replication

Margaret Iversen, Resistance to Replication, Tate Papers no.8
Tate Paper

'Pataphysical Graham': A Consideration of the Pataphysical Dimension of the Artistic Practice of Rodney Graham

Pataphysical Graham ‘Pataphysical Graham’ investigates the possible use of pataphysical motifs in the work of the contemporary Canadian artist Rodney ...