Roni Horn born 1955

Artist biography

American sculptor, installation artist, draughtsman, photographer and writer. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, graduating with a BFA in 1975. She then went on to study for her MFA at Yale University, New Haven, CT, graduating in 1978. From 1975 she began to make regular excursions to Iceland, its landscape and isolation acting as a central influence on her practice. She has described her sculpture as being ‘site-dependent', borrowing from the vocabulary of Minimalism but placing objects with an attention to their situation and the intrinsic quality of the material. In Pair Object III: For Two Rooms (1986–8; Detroit, MI, Inst. A.) two copper cones are placed in adjoining rooms, so that there is a tension between them, with the identical objects altered by the different spaces they occupy. Horn also uses drawing in a manner that concentrates on the materiality of the objects depicted, often using words as the basis for images. In the early 1990s she made a number of works using the poetry of Emily Dickinson; forming the words and sentences into aluminium bars. During this decade she also embarked on a series of books that are the most explicit exploration of her attachment to Iceland and the landscape. Such drawings, writings and photographs were also the basis of installations such as Pi (1998; Munich, Staatsgal. Mod. Kst), which consists of 45 photographs ranging from portraits to landscapes to stills taken off the television.

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10 December 2000

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