Artist biography


Portrait painter, born in Devon to a family of prosperous tradesmen. Pupil and son-in-law of Jonathan Richardson Snr. Adhered to a formal and conservative style heavily dependent on good studio organisation and drapery painters such as the Van Aken brothers. Reynolds, Wright of Derby, Mortimer and others were apprenticed to him, and he was the most prolific portraitist of the 1740s and 1750s, until overshadowed by Reynolds in the late 1750s. Visited France and the Netherlands in 1748 and Italy in 1752. Exhibited SA 1761–6, but went into prosperous retirement sometime around 1765. Amassed a notable collection of Old Master drawings and paintings. Died at Twickenham, 26 January 1779.

LITERATURE Ellen G. Miles, Thomas Hudson (1701–1779) Portraitist to the British Establishment, PhD thesis, Yale 1976, pub. University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, on demand

EXHIBITIONS Ellen G. Miles and Jacob Simon, Thomas Hudson, 1979, Kenwood

Published in:
Elizabeth Einberg and Judy Egerton, The Age of Hogarth: British Painters Born 1675-1709, Tate Gallery Collections, II, London 1988