Artist biography

Thomas E. LOWINSKY 1892–1947

Painter of portraits and scenes of fantasy, and book illustrator. Born 2 March 1892 in London, of Hungarian and South African descent. Educated at Trinity College, Oxford. Studied at the Slade School 1912–14. Served in France 1914–19. First one-man exhibition at the Leicester Galleries 1926. Member of the N.E.A.C. 1926–42. Illustrated Edith Sitwell's Elegy on Dead Fashion, other books by the Sitwells and a number of classics. Died in London 24 April 1947. Memorial exhibition at Wildenstein's 1949.

Published in:
Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, London 1964, I