Pawel Althamer, associated with Wilhelm Sasnal, associated with Monika Sosnowska, associated with Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, associated with Artur Zmijewski
FGF, Warsaw 2007

Artwork details

Pawel Althamer born 1967
Associated with Wilhelm Sasnal born 1972
Associated with Monika Sosnowska born 1972
Associated with Jakub Julian Ziolkowski born 1980
Associated with Artur Zmijewski born 1966
FGF, Warsaw
FGF, Warszawa
Date 2007
Medium Installation comprising: four hardboard wall partitions; a wooden platform; a door with door-handle by Monika Sosnowska; found tram window, seat, and table; a wooden shelf unit including a journal, various books, catalogues and paper matter, a series of soft sculptural figures, a miniature chair and sculpture stand; a painting by Jakub Julian Ziolkowski; a painting by Wilhelm Sasnal; a video on DVD by Artur Zmijewski, with DVD player and monitor; metal sink with plastic water-tank and bucket; revolving mirror; and a found metal and canvas tent.
Dimensions Displayed: 8560 x 4280 x 3090 mm
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Display caption

FGF, Warsaw is both a collaborative sculpture and a mobile gallery space; its walls can be fitted together to form a transit crate. It brings together elements relating to the history of the Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw, and of particular significance to Althamer. Artworks commissioned specifically for the mobile space, include a video by Artur Zmijewski, a door-handle bearing the handprint of Monika Sosnowska and a painting by Wilhelm Sasnal that functions as a ceiling.

April 2012

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