Arman (Armand Fernandez)
Bluebeard’s Wife 1969

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Bluebeard’s Wife
Date 1969
Medium Polyester resin and shaving brushes
Dimensions Object: 835 x 290 x 320 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1982
Not on display

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According to Arman, this work expresses 'a form of contradiction', since the shaving brushes that seem to float within the polyester female torso 'are usually used by men'. The title refers to the folk-tale of Bluebeard, who married and then murdered several women. It is also a pun on the shaving motif. The female figure is reminiscent of both classical sculpture and fashion mannequins, suggesting another contradiction within the work between high art and mass-produced everyday materials. Arman described sculptures like this, incorporating manufactured objects, as 'accumulations'.

August 2004

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