Jean Arp (Hans Arp)
Winged Being 1961

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Jean Arp (Hans Arp) 1886–1966
Winged Being
Entité ailée
Date 1961
Medium Plaster
Dimensions Displayed: 1400 x 350 x 300 mm, 30 kg (20kg figure / 10kg base)
Acquisition Presented by Mme Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, the artist's widow 1975
Not on display

Display caption

Arp was inspired by the organic and fluid shapes found in nature. Very interested in ancient mystic philosophy, he believed that nature expressed the dynamic force of life and wished to imitate this energy in his work: ’I tried to make forms grow’, he wrote, ’I put my trust in the example of seeds, stars, clouds, plants, animals, men, and finally, in my innermost being’.

June 2003

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