Harry Bates
Sketch for War 1887

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Harry Bates 1850–1899
Sketch for War
Date 1887
Medium Plaster
Dimensions Object: 546 x 267 x 89 mm
Acquisition Presented by C.J. Knowles 1900
Not on display

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This is the plaster model for a relief which was later cast in bronze. It represents a scene from Homer's 'Illiad'. The leader of the Trojan army, Hector, bids farewell to his wife and son as he leaves to fight the Greeks. Hector was killed by the Greek warrior Achilles, who dragged his body behind his chariot, a scene Bates shows below the main figures. This relief is one of a pair, its pendant taking the theme of Peace. Both the finished bronze reliefs are now in Manchester City Art Gallery.
Bates first studied sculpture in 1879 under Jules Dalou at Lambeth School of Art. Later he worked in Paris where he met Rodin and by whom he was much influenced, especially by his demonstration of the expressive energy of form.

August 2004

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