British School 19th century
Nude Male Figure Seen from the Rear None

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Nude Male Figure Seen from the Rear
Date None
Medium Graphite on paper
Dimensions Support: 328 x 237 mm
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This drawing is quite dirty and discoloured; the artist's use of a fixative, and the constant handling the drawing subsequently received, have led to its poor condition. When this fixative was tested with water it became sticky, suggesting some form of glue was used, possibly a starch paste adhesive. Field's instruction manual, Chromatography 1835, recommends fixing graphite

with water-starch prepared in the manner of the laundress of such strength as to form a jelly when cold; which may be applied with a broad camel's hair brush. This may also be done with a thin, cold isinglass size or rice water.

August 2004

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