Edward Calvert
Elemental Life date not known

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Edward Calvert 1799–1883
Elemental Life
Date Date not known
Medium Oil paint on board
Dimensions Support: 168 x 276 mm
Acquisition Presented by S. Calvert 1912
Not on display

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Calvert set out some of the principles which guided his art in an essay entitled 'The Four Phases of Life.' These were the Elemental, associated with Pan, God of the shepherds; the Simple, associated with Dionysius, God of wine, Ectasy and Fertility; the Mythic associated with Hermes, messenger of the Gods; and the Votive, associated with Phoebus, or the Sun, and which possessed a 'reverence for moral powers, of gods still higher.' This work illustrates the first of these, where Man 'finds himself in the midst of a beautiful order of things... revealed to his senses, and full of suggestiveness to his imagination of vital power contained therein.'

September 1998

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