Technique and condition

Six chrome plated cubes each with an inscription describing a visual situation in raised typeface.

The sculpture is fabricated from a solid bar of steel which was cut into six blocks all of the same dimensions and weights. One side of each cube has a separate but attached rebated and raised ‘lower case book-print typeface’ lid. The text was three dimensionally photo-etched onto copper sheet. All the assembled cubes were chrome plated after fabrication to give a shiny silver appearance to the surface. The rebated and textured field behind the raised typeface sentences has a dull chromed surface within an upstanding edge border. The typeface side was bonded to the main body of each cube with adhesive before chrome plating. The cubes are displayed in a group in no particular order.

Due to age and previous exposure to humidity the originally pristine surface of the cubes has deteriorated and become scratched. In some cases it is deeply pitted, with two substantial areas of exposed steel substrate. In a questionnaire sent to Bryony Bery on 23rd Nov 2004, Camnitzer said, ‘If we are history fetishists, we should leave them as they are, the deterioration in the surface being testament to their age. But if you want to re-chrome them (fully rather than a touch up), I give you my permission to do it’. After acquisition the corrosion products were removed by mechanical means and future stable storage conditions will ensure no further deterioration occurs.
There is no artist’s inscription.

Sandra Deighton
November 2004