Technique and condition

A graphite pencil drawing on hand made, white laid paper. The verso bears the feint traces of a transferred image in oil paint. The paper has a watermark of an unidentified coat of arms in the upper middle area of the support.

The artist began the study by placing a sheet of glass on an easel through which the subject was viewed. An outline of the landscape was then painted onto the glass with a fine brush and oil paint. While the paint was still wet, a sheet of paper was pressed onto the glass and the image transferred to the paper. As the transferred image was a mirror image of the scene viewed, the oil paint drawing was traced in pencil on the verso of the paper to correct it. This drawing was then squared for transfer to the canvas.

On acquisition the drawing had many creases with a prominant vertical crease down the centre. Damages and brown stains are evident on the surface. The drawing was washed, inlaid and mounted.

Jo Crook