Carlos Cruz-Diez

Physichromie No. 123


Not on display
Carlos Cruz-Diez born 1923
Cellulose acetate and wood
Object: 400 x 230 x 40 mm
Transferred from the Victoria & Albert Museum 1983

Catalogue entry

T03715 Physichromie No.123 1964

Construction of perspex, paper and board, painted 15 3/4 × 9 1/8 × 1 5/8 (400 × 230 × 40)
Not inscribed
Transferred from the Victoria and Albert Museum 1983
Prov: Purchased by the Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum, from Signals, 1966 (Circ. 139–1966)
Exh: 2nd Pilot Show, Centre for Advanced Creative Study, 1964; A Decade of Physichromies, Signals, September–October 1965 (repr. on cover); travelling exhibitions of the Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum
Lit: Carlos Cruz-Diez, ‘Physichromies’, Signals, 1, February–March 1965, p.10; Frank Popper, ‘The Physichromies of Carlos Cruz-Diez’, Signals, 1, August–October 1965, p.11
Also repr: Signals, I, September 1964, p.2

The title ‘Physichromie’ was invented by the artist from the words ‘physical chromatism’. A larger construction ‘Physichromie 113’ (1963, reconstructed 1976) also belongs to the Tate Gallery (T02094).

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986


Tate Etc

Beyond the easel: Gallery One, New Vision Centre, Signals and Indica at Tate Britain II

To coincide with the display, Tate Etc. talked to the Venezuelan-born artist Carlos Cruz-Diez (born 1923) about his early exhibition ...

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