William DaniellOld Wick Castle, Caithness date not known

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William Daniell (1769‑1837)
Old Wick Castle, Caithness
Date date not known
MediumAquatint on paper
Dimensionsimage: 162 x 241 mm
Acquisition Presented by Tate Gallery Publications 1979
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Catalogue entry

T02721-T03024 and T03239-T03240 [from] IMPRESSIONS FROM T02415-T02720 printed 1978–9 [T02415-T03024; T03239-T03240; complete]

With engraved titles and publication lines 306 aquatints, various sizes, images approximately 6 3/8 × 9 7/16 (16.3 × 24)
Presented by the Tate Gallery Publications Department 1979
Prov: published by the Tate Gallery Publications Department 1978–9.
Lit: as for T02415-T02720; see also Thomas Sutton, The Daniells, Artists and Travellers, 1954, pp.119–36, 165–72.

In the following list of the individual subjects, the acquisition number of the copper-plate precedes that of the print titles are as engraved on the plates.

T02415/2721 The Lands-end, Cornwall
T02416/2722 The long-ships light house, off the landsend, Cornwall
T02417/2723 The entrance to Portreath, Cornwall
T02418/2724 Boscastle Pier on the coast of Cornwall
T02419/2725 Hartland pier, North Devon
T02420/2726 Clovelly, on the Coast North Devon
T02421/2727 Ilfracomb, on the coast of North Devon
T02422/2728 View of Ilfracombe, form Hilsborough
T02423/2729 Near Combmartin, on the coast of North Devon
T02424/2730 Lynmouth, on the coast of North Devon
T02425/2731 ST0 Donats, Glamorganshire
T02426/2732 Britton Ferry, Glamorganshire
T02427/2733 The Mumbles light-house, in Swansea bay
T02428/2734 The Worms-head, in Tenby bay
T02429/2735 Tenby, Pembrokeshire
T02430/2736 The Eligug-stack, near ST0 Gowans-head, Pembrokeshire
T02431/2737 Solva, near ST0 Davids, Pembrokeshire
T02432/2738 View of the entrance to Fishguard, form Goodwych sands
T02433/2739 Goodwych Pier, near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire
T02434/2740 View near Aberystwith, Cardiganshire
T02435/2741 Barmouth, Merionethshire
T02436/2742 View of Caernarvon Castle, from Anglesea
T02437/2743 The Harbour light-house, Holyhead
T02438/2744 Light-house on the South Stack, Holyhead
T02439/2745 Part of the South Stack, Holyhead
T02440/2746 The Rope bridge, near the Light-house, Holyhead
T02441/2747 Black marble Quarry, near red wharf bay, Anglesea
T02442/2748 The entrance to Amlwch harbour, Anglesea
T02443/2749 Red Wharf Bay, Anglesea
T02444/2750 Beaumaris Castle, Anglesea
T02445/2751 View on Puffin Island, near Anglesea
T02446/2752 The Bath, built by Lord Penryn, near Bangor, N… (read more)

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