Peter de Francia
Disparates (A Little Night Music) 1969

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Peter de Francia 1921–2012
Disparates (A Little Night Music)
Date 1969
Medium Graphite and ink on paper
Dimensions Support: 775 x 571 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1986

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The title ‘Disparates’, or ‘follies’, is borrowed from etchings made by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya in the early nineteenth century that reflected the violence and unsettled politics of the period through sinister allegories. De Francia’s depictions of cruelty and greed update Goya’s project for the twentieth century. Romulus and Remus reimagines the foundation myth of ancient Rome, showing contemporary military leaders suckled by a wolf. A Little Night Music puns on musical instruments and instruments of torture. He commented on this work, ‘terrible things happen and no one takes any notice.’

November 2015

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