Technique and condition

The painting comprises of medium weight linen canvases, which have been primed by the artist. The primer does not extend to the cut edge of the fabric and quite yellow suggesting the binding medium to be oil. In places the primer has seeped through the canvases to the reverse.

The paint has been applied using a broad headed brush in a free and spontaneous manner. Some of the lower layers of oil paint have been rubbed down before additional paint has been applied, again reinforcing the idea that the composition has been created fairly spontaneously. The composition has been painted using flat planes of colour creating quite crude tonality and an angular sense of mass, reflection and shadow. In some places layers have been applied wet-in-wet, for example left panel, in the green of the left figure’s trousers. Areas of the primer are left exposed giving additional depth to highlights in the whites of the figures’ eyes and in the gleaming black-painted metal of the capstans.

All three paintings have been varnished with a matte varnish in 1987, according to an inscription on the reverse written by the artist.

The paintings are generally in a good condition with minor defects and deformations to the canvases caused by mechanical damage but generally they are in good condition.

Rachel Barker
April 2003