Philip James De LoutherbourgTravellers Attacked by Banditti 1781

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Artwork details

Travellers Attacked by Banditti
Date 1781
MediumOil paint on canvas
Dimensionssupport: 673 x 1051 mm frame: 864 x 1258 x 88 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1967
Not on display


This picture, signed and dated 1781, is one of a series of 'banditti' pictures painted in England by the German-born painter Philip James (or Philippe-Jacques) de Loutherbourg. The focal point is a violent skirmish in a narrow mountain pass, with foot bandits attacking a stagecoach and outriders. Loutherbourg drew and painted banditti pictures throughout his career, exhibiting examples of this genre at the Royal Academy several times during the 1770s.

Loutherbourg's interest in banditti emerged during the mid 1760s when he made several engravings of soldier-banditti, after the Neapolitan artist, Salvator Rosa (1615-73). In folk legend banditti were conceived not merely as common robbers but as exotic outsiders, living in isolated groups in the mountains, rather akin to the legend of Robin Hood or outlaws of the American Wild West… (read more)

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