Technique and condition

Deacon made a card model from which the full size sculpture was constructed by a firm of metalworkers under his supervision. The sculpture is constructed from four sections of welded mild steel sheet approximately 5 mm thick reinforced internally with spot welded steel ‘fins’. The four sections make up two parts which are bolted to each other to form a single unit. The main body of the sculpture is chemically patinated silvery black and the interior and two front panels are painted red.

The artist requested that the metallic, dark lustre on the main body be maintained by applying ‘iron paste’ made by Liberon waxes. The paste consists of graphite, pigment and wax mixture; one commonly used for maintaining cast iron stoves and fireplaces. A very thin layer of paste is wiped on with a soft cloth and buffed off immediately.

When the sculpture was assembled for display in January 1990, the front red panel was severely marked. The artist supplied Rustin’s red oxide metal primer and advised that the panel be repainted if it becomes disfigured in the future.

Bryony Bery
April 2004