Catalogue entry

T01884 A Lady in Blue 1757

Inscribed' Art. Devis p.1757' b.l.

Oil on canvas 22x 17 ¼ (35.9X43.8)

Bequeathed by Alan Evans to the National Gallery and transferred to the Tate Gallery 1974

Coli: The Hon. Frederick Wallop before 1953; by descent to Alan Evans
Lit: S. H. Paviere, The Devis Family of Painters, 1950, no.95

A lady in a blue dress seated on a bench under a tree, turned to the left, holding open a music book, a guitar lying on the seat beside her. A landscape with stretches of water is behind her.

The painting appears to have been cut along all sides except the bottom one, and the awkward placing of the figure too far to the left suggests that a considerable amount must have been lost on that side, and probably from the top as well.

Although most paintings from the Evans Bequest originally came from the collection of the Hon. Frederick Wallop, Paviere's book of 1950 does not list T01884 among the Devises in the Wallop collection, but as 'whereabouts unknown.' An old photograph in the Witt Library, however, which shows this painting in a frame labelled'Zoffany', bears the stamp of the Wallop collection. One would therefore assume that it was acquired by Wallop sometime between 1950 and his death in 1953.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1974-6: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1978