Technique and condition

A bronze cast with a pale brown patina. The colour is a result of the bronze having oxidized naturally through handling and exposure to air rather than an applied patina. The base of the cast is open and there are visible tooling marks made using files on the underside edge. The hollow interior has loose black investment in the crevices. There are small casting imperfections such as hairline cracks on the inside and outside of the cast.

Scratched with a tool directly into the back of the bronze are the inscriptions 'Marcel Duchamp', and below this 'Feuille de vegne femelle', followed by an indistinct date which probably reads 1951. A paper label is stuck inside the cast with the words 'opera 24, imballaggio CB' printed on it.

The sculpture is in good condition, and on acquisition required only light surface cleaning.

Sandra Deighton
October 1997