Technique and condition

A single unit comprising twelve pink cast resin replica roses. The roses, although separate, are tied together with a satin ribbon, and remain assembled for storage or transit.

The artist dissected a dozen real roses and made silicone rubber moulds of all the components. Dental acrylic (a cold curing acrylic) was poured between the two halves of the mould. On removal from the mould the cast stems, leaves and petals were trimmed around the edges. To achieve the curved shape the cast elements were heated with a heat gun and manually shaped. All the casting material was intrinsically pigmented with urethane pigment. The centre petals of each flower are made from polyurethane and are also painted with acrylic paint. The individual cast elements were adhered together with cyanoacrylate adhesive (Superglue).

The flowers are extremely fragile and prone to breaking, particularly at adhesive joins. Many breaks occurred during previous handling and were re-fixed in position with cyanoacrylate. Upon acquisition, several elements were broken and were re-adhered. The surfaces appear to be in a generally good condition. The work is displayed on a plinth and under a cover.

Stella Willcocks / Bryony Bery
April 2002 / October 2005