Technique and condition

Technique and Condition Text

Emin, Tracey
The Perfect Place to Grow (2001)

The following entry is based on an interview between Tate and Tracey Emin 26 August, 2004 as well as the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

An interactive installation comprising the following reclaimed items: painted wood birdhouse a DVD player and monitor, step ladder, potted live plants, plastic watering can and wood trestle.

Inside the birdhouse door in black marker pen is written: 2003.1.32(1) SB/BK

A visitor can view the Super 8 film by climbing the ladder and looking through a drilled spy hole in the bird hose which contains the DVD player and monitor which is set on a continuous loop. The trestle and plants are positioned around the birdhouse. The layout is not variable. Emin wishes the watering can to be left filled with water so she can come into the gallery at any time to water the plants herself.

The birdhouse appears unstable and battered looking, in keeping with its homemade construction and use of recycled materials. However, the structure is stable and safe to use by visitors. If the plants die Emin wants them to be replaced with similar types.

Jodie Glen-Martin
August 2005.