Helmut Federle Norwegian Sight 1997

Artwork details

Helmut Federle born 1944
Norwegian Sight
Norwegische Sicht
Date 1997
Medium Household emulsion paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 3308 x 4955 x 68 mm
Acquisition Purchased with assistance from Dr Patrick Koerfer and Mr and Mrs Michael Hue-Williams 1998
Not on display

Technique and condition

The painting was executed on a single piece of medium-weight linen canvas, attached to a light-weight aluminium stretcher with wire staples at the back. The overall support consists of two identical stretchers that are bolted together along their inner vertical members and strips of plywood surround the combined framework.

The dark grey paint was applied directly to the stretched canvas, with no evidence of any preparatory layers. It appears to have been applied principally by brush in relatively short strokes and over most of the stretched face of the canvas, although in many areas the bare canvas remains very visible. In areas where more than one coat of paint was applied much of it has soaked through to the back of the canvas and onto the forward faces of the stretcher bars. The paint is a polymer emulsion paint, based partly on an acrylic resin, and from analysis appears to be a household emulsion paint. It would have been used in a very fluid and thin consistency, achieved through excessive thinning with water, which has resulted in the paint film appearing very matt, thin and almost powdery, with the texture of the canvas remaining extremely prominent in all areas. The edges of the 'T' shape were probably created with the assistance of masking tape.

The painting is in excellent condition, although very vulnerable to future damage, for example from abrasion and/or marking through handling. However, with appropriate care during display and storage, the painting is likely to remain in this near pristine state for a considerable time.

Tom Learner
June 2000

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