Ian Hamilton Finlay

Aircraft Carrier Torso


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Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925–2006
Portland stone and slate
Object: 153 x 62 x 118 mm, 1.7 kg
Bequeathed by David Brown in memory of Mrs Liza Brown 2003

Not on display

Technique and condition

The following entry is based on examination of the work and a questionnaire received from the artist in July 2005, as well as documentation in the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

A small one piece monolithic sculpture of two contrasting types of natural stone, weighing 1.7286 kg.

The major portion of the sculpture is a light yellow-grey Portland limestone block of 153 x 62 x 93mm, all sides are hand carved, chased and deeply surface textured with chisels. 12 mm handle-like projections extend beyond both narrower sides. A 7mm projecting parallel bar is carved into the reverse side and a group of seven relief shield shapes are carved, off centre, on the front surface. The underside has linear tooling marks in the surface. Bonded with adhesive, to the top of the limestone, is a rectangular block of, dark grey finely carved slate, measuring 120 x 44 x 25 mm. Four shallow castellated projections are carved into the top surface.

Upon acquisition, the surface of the stone was dusty and grimy on all projecting corners. Some minor scratches and abrasion marks are also apparent on the slate. The back bottom edge of the limestone has an old grey resin repair which the artist would prefer to be removed and refilled in a more sympathetic manner at some time in the future (Artist’s questionnaire received July 2005).

There is no artist’s inscription

Sandra Deighton
August 2005

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