Ian Hamilton Finlay

Five Conning Towers

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Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925–2006
Displayed: 181 x 415 x 235 mm
Bequeathed by David Brown in memory of Mrs Liza Brown 2003

Not on display

Technique and condition

This sculpture comprises five small un-attached towers of stone positioned on a green marble slab base.

All the stone elements vary in grain size, amount of veining and density of colour. The base slab of green, heavily white veined, serpentine marble, measuring 20 x 235 x 418 mm, has a polished top face with four rectangular towers and one cylindrical tower placed on this flat surface. One tower is more ‘fin’ shaped with a wider base than top. All the green marble towers, the tallest of which is 140mm high, have a flat base and rounded top edge and weigh between 0.35kg & 0.606 kg.

The towers have been hand carved and polished to a smooth dull shiny finish. There are now some very small surface scratches and abrasion marks, probably due to the age of the sculpture. The base slab is machine cut and polished. The flat underside of each element is left unpolished where saw cut marks can be clearly seen.

There is no artist’s inscription

The sculpture will be displayed on a plinth under a Perspex cover.

Sandra Deighton
August 2005

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