Technique and condition

The sculpture is a life size bronze cast with green/grey patina and black wax coating. The artist created a lost wax cast from a plaster mould with the arm being welded onto the body. The cast signature is located on the right foot and the stamp ‘A/C’ (artist’s cast) was added after the signature. The work is one of an edition of three, this being the artist’s copy.

The sculpture was displayed outdoors in Kent from 1963-1993 and as a result, upon acquisition, had worn and lost areas of patina. A thick layer of black wax was obscuring much of the surface. The patina was worn on the tips of both hands and under the left hand, under the chin and on the right foot, just above the edition number. There was a deep scratch in the middle of the upper right thigh with some areas of abrasion. Some latex moulding material was found in the threaded holes and in several crevices suggesting that another cast may have been taken from this one. An accretion which looked like cement on the right shoulder and investment residue in deep crevices was also present.

In December 1999 the surface dirt was removed. The excess wax in the hollows was removed mechanically. The abraded areas and scratches were then toned in.

Jehannine Mauduech / Bryony Bery
January 2000 / April 2004