Hamish Fulton

Eroded Rock Outline Beinn Mheadhoin

1988, 1991

View this artwork by appointment, at Tate Britain's Prints and Drawings Rooms

Screenprint on paper
Image: 632 x 911 mm
Purchased 1993

Display caption

'If in doubt. Keep walking'. Hamish Fulton added these words to his series of prints called Ten Toes towards the Rainbow.
The title refers to ten seven-day walks
he made in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. Fulton sees seven as a magic number, and it recurs frequently in his work. Here it appears in the 'rainbow' of the title: rainbows have seven colours, while the word itself has seven letters.


This series is more romantic and
pastoral than much of Fulton's earlier work. Titles such as Song Path evoke
his observations and emotions during these long, solitary walks.


Gallery label, August 2004