Technique and condition

Four clear glass panels compressing flowers against a wall. The panels are secured to the wall with metal and rubber fixings.

Fresh flowers are used for each new installation; these are allowed to decay during the display period. The flowers are gerberas – red petals with a dark centre, hybrid name: ‘Beauty’. The number of flowers required varies between 1600 and 2000 according to the size of the flower heads.

For display, the flowers are arranged in rows and tied to the back of the panels with dental floss while the panels lie flat; the panels are then raised quickly and fixed to the wall pressing the flowers just enough to stay in position; the dental floss is cut and carefully removed leaving the flowers in place. The glass panels have to be adjusted during the display to allow for the shrinking of the flowers. Any fallen flowers are left in place but all the flowers are discarded at the end of each display.

There is no finish to the glass panels and the only marks and inscriptions present are the kite marks.

The glass panels are in a good condition.

Sasa Kosinova
August 2005