Alberto Giacometti
Man Pointing 1947

Artwork details

Alberto Giacometti 1901–1966
Man Pointing
Homme signalant
Date 1947
Medium Bronze
Dimensions Object: 1780 x 950 x 520 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1949
Not on display

Display caption

Man Pointing was made very rapidly for Giacometti’s first exhibition in New York. He recalled: ‘I did that piece in one night between midnight and nine the next morning. That is, I’d already done it, but I demolished it and did it all over again because the men from the foundry were coming to take it away. And when they got here, the plaster was still wet.’ It was originally intended to be part of a larger composition, with the left arm positioned loosely around a second figure. Giacometti later abandoned the idea, and considered Man Pointing to be a complete work.

July 2012